Mária Mlynarčíková

Mária Mlynarčíková

Mária Mlynarčíková

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In her years as an interpreter, Mária has tried just about everything. She has interpreted for heads of state, both elected and crowned. She knows the inside of the EU institutions in Brussels like the back of her hand. And while she can boast of having interpreted for major figures such as the Dalai Lama and Secretary-General of the UN, her favorite interpreting assignments are “lower-profile” jobs that still make a difference – for instance interpreting for the initiative STOP EXTREMISM, accompanying Slovak farmers visiting organic farms in Austria and Germany, and participating in community projects involving social services.

She claims to be an introvert, and yet she is hard at work building a community of professional interpreters. As a highly experienced interpreter, nothing can throw Mária off balance – not even malfunctioning sound equipment on live television. When she’s giving her tired voice a rest after interpreting, her fingers are already hard at work playing with words on her blog Krotiteľka slov (Word Wrangler) or practicing piano.




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