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You’re planning an international conference and you have a to-do list a mile long. Venue, sound system, catering... That’s all straightforward enough. But how are you supposed to sort through the list of interpreters if they’re all professional, skilled and reliable?

Do you find yourself evaluating based on price alone simply because you aren’t sure what other criteria to apply?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could consult a directory where interpreters were ranked using objective criteria, so you could learn more about them before making your final choice?

Would you like someone to advise you on what to look out for when choosing an interpreter, what you will be needing for your event or other undertaking involving participants speaking more than one language, and what to keep in mind so that everything goes off without a hitch?


The interpreters.sk team has handled hundreds of conferences, seminars, press conferences and other meetings. Tell us what, where and when, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll study the topic and materials in advance to make sure we are thoroughly prepared. Then we’ll get there bright and early on the big day, ready to make ourselves invisible or lend a helping hand if anything unexpected happens. .

Sometimes things don’t quite go like clockwork – sometimes the microphones don’t work, or we don’t receive any materials to prepare, or the meeting goes two hours longer than scheduled, or we’re asked to step in and help with a written translation during the conference itself – but as professionals we always rise to the occasion.

Most of all, we love what we do and we always do our best to give our clients what they need. Whatever the event we’re interpreting, we are there as your allies, helping to make sure that everything goes smoothly.


Our business is built on client loyalty and referrals. What better proof that we never take any interpreting assignment lightly? We know full well that a good reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy.

There’s no agency for us to hide behind in the safety of anonymity. There’s no secretary or call center covering our backs. We stand on our own and take pride in our work.


As interpreters, our business is built on one thing: our reputation. That’s why you will always communicate with us directly. The person who picks up the phone or answers your email to discuss the details of your interpreting job is the same person who will be standing next to the speaker onstage to interpret. That same person will be the one studying the topic in advance and doing whatever they can to ensure that you have what you need and your business is a success. Because our entire business strategy centers around you being happy with our work.

And we take that very seriously.

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