Your Interpreters in Slovakia - Pavol Šveda & Ivo Poláček

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Because we seek to meet the specific needs of your event, our services are tailored to the type of event you are planning, its venue, its length and the number of participants.
The basic formats of interpretation are as follows:



The most comfortable form of interpretation. Two interpreters, seated in a booth, provide simultaneous – i.e. “real-time” – interpretation which is available to participants
by means of portable headset stations. 

Event Type: conferences, medium and large meetings

Requirements:  technical equipment



One or two interpreters who translate what the speaker says from Slovak into English,
or visa versa, publicly and faithfully while standing or sitting next to the speaker.

Event Type: field visits, small meetings and formal receptions

Requirements:  The number of interpreters depends on the length and difficulty of the speaker’s presentation or speech. 




  • GLOBSEC 2014 - International Conference on Global Security
    May 14 - 16 -- Pavol Šveda and Ivo Polá?ek - (simultaneous)
  • CEE CSR SUMMIT in BRATISLAVA, conference and workshops
  •  May 21 and 22 -- Pavol Šveda and Ivo Polá?ek (simultaneous)
  • Council of Europe - ECRI mission to Slovakia           
  • April 29 - 30 - Ivo Polá?ek and Pavol Šveda -- (simultaneous)
  • Ministerial meeting in Athens - interpreteting for deputy PM L. Vány
  •       April 24 - 25 --  Pavol Šveda -- (consecutive)
  • Last Plenary Meeting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg
  • April 14 - 17 -- Pavol Šveda -- (simultaneous) 

Council of Europe

Council of Europe.


European Commision

European Commision.


Slovenské Elektrárne – Enel

Slovenské Elektrárne – Enel.


European Parliament

European Parliament.


Ministerstvo pôdohospodárstva Slovenskej repuliky

Ministerstvo pôdohospodárstva Slovenskej repuliky.


Organisation for Economic
Co-Operation and Development

Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development.



Agricultural Paying Agency


United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Development Programme.