Your Interpreters in Slovakia - Pavol Šveda & Ivo Poláček

Interpreting with passion
Pavol Šveda

Pavol Šveda

I’m a freelance interpreter with ten years of experience on the Slovak and European market, working for the European Commission, European Parliament and numerous other clients in business and diplomacy.

I did my translation and interpretation studies at Comenius University in Bratislava, graduating with the equivalent of an MA in Spanish and English in 2005. Since 2009, I have been a lecturer in the BA and MA interpreter training programmes at the same university.

Since 2007, I have been accredited as an Auxiliary Conference Interpreter (ACI) for European Institutions and have worked more than 600 days for the European Commission and European Parliament since then.
I have also interpreted for the Council of Europe, the United Nations, UNESCO, UNDP
and other international institutions. 

In Slovakia, I have worked extensively with numerous governmental and corporate clients ranging from the Office of the President and the Prime Minister’s Office to the Enel group and Hewlett-Packard.

More information is available via references.

Ivo Poláček

Ivo Poláček

As a freelance interpreter for nearly eight years, I have interpreted for many private, business and institutional clients not only in Slovakia, but also abroad, particularly with the European Council, European Parliament and European Commission

I graduated with a degree in translation and interpretation in English and Italian from Comenius University in 2007 and am currently an instructor there in the interpreter trainee BA course. 

Although I am accredited as an Auxiliary Conference Interpreter (ACI) for European Institutions, I have also interpreted for other international organisations such as the United Nations in Geneva and New York, the OECD in Paris and the Employment Services Authority in Dublin. 

Besides interpreting for EU institutions, Slovak government representatives and various Slovak ministries, I have interpreted for corporate clients such as Enel, S.p.A and Gedeon Richter. I have also worked many cultural and sport venues including the International Film Festival Bratislava and the Slovak Ice Hockey Federation. For more thorough information, please see references.