Your Interpreters in Slovakia - Pavol Šveda & Ivo Poláček

Interpreting with passion Pavol Šveda & Ivo Poláček – Your Interpreters in Slovakia

What We Offer
Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services in Slovakia
(Slovak to English; English to Slovak).

Our Accreditation
Auxiliary Conference Interpreters (ACI) for European Union Institutions

Our Experience
A combined 15 years interpreting for EU institutions, international corporations, organizations and NGOs and private clients in Slovakia.

What We Believe
Interpreting is our passion. We believe in professionalism,
high ethical standards and fair remuneration.

We Teach
oth of us lecture and train future interpreters at the Comenius University.

Our Fee
Please contact us with your specific needs and we will send you a quote ASAP.

CoE GRETA mission in Slovakia

25. - 28. 11. Interpreting for CoE experts on Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings. 

30. Nov. 2014

Expert meetings in Brussels

November 18 - 20: Working for DG SCIC on expert formations meetings of the Council of the European Union.  

20. Nov. 2014

Tatra Summit in Bratislava

11. - 13. 11. 2014 We have provided interpretation services during the prestigious Tatra Summit - a meeting of finance ministers of the Visegrad countries with a presence of the Slovak prime minister. 

13. Nov. 2014

Federal Mogul EuroForum meeting in Budapest

November 4th - 6th: Working for Federal Mogul on a European meeting of HR managers and representatives of labour unions from individual countries with company operations.  

06. Nov. 2014